Cat Shape-shifter and Princess Ambushes Felines! Genevieve Rachel Shapiro and Nora Staci Green were found defending the cats from Tashtulu, a mysterious and deadly shape-shifter, and Rainbow, the evil lost princess twin of Brairlight. It is unknown why they would appear here and why they would attack the cats. All we know for sure is that the cats have something they want. If you have a cat in your household, be extra cautious. Genevieve and Nora were found unhurt and the police are still investigating were the two villains who disappeared from the scene. ~ Panda

Creature Expert Has Theory

Our reporters have interviewed Twyla Cain, an animal expert from another world. Her recent research shows that cats ancestry may trace back to her world. The plot thickens! ~Panda

Robbery Continues, Police Still Unsure Of Thief

The police have found strange letters ingraved in the sidewalk T & R they think that the criminal mastermind behind this is heading for world domination. CRISIS SITUATION: All cats reporting for duty CODE RED horrible stealing has increased!~Ellie


Near the west gate prison police and locals spotted two shady characters roaming near the prison. Then all of the sudden prisoners were lose. Some police were murdered during this time. All buildings should be under lockdown because all of the most dangerous prisoners are loose even the dogs. ~Ellie


Celebricat Mew Furman has been arrested for stealing cows from a ranch. Was it her, or was she framed? ~Ellie


The adult and teen cats’ favorite beverage Aunt Alberta’s Mewcmchaul was stolen and every last bit of it! Who is doing this and what are their plans? Still under lockdown.

Fred Lisdeneer a butcher has gone missing we think it may have something to do with the prison break. The shady characters have suddenly vanished leaving cats scared and surprised.~Ellie


Marlene Pinknose, a young brown cat, is missing. Just before she disappeared, she left this note to her uncle:

Dearest Uncle John,

Can't write much now, I'm about to be kidnapped. I'll be safe. I promise I'll be back by July 13th with news to tell the world.



Police are searching for her, and her uncle is indeed worrying. If you've seen her, call the police. We all hope she will come home safely. ~Panda

Public Decides to Fight back!

Nearly half of the cats are ready to fight for their town! Genevieve and Nora are ready to help too. They are waiting for the mysterious T & R.


Here are the results:

Do you think Marlene's disappearance has to do with T and R?

Yes 40%

No 25%

I'm not sure 35%


Here are the results:

Are you ready to fight for our town?

Yes 43%

No 17%

I'd like to, but I'm much too young 21%

I don't fight, I reason with the force and try to make peace 19%


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